No matter your preference

There is no brow too big or too small, you may be a thin brow, no brow and a normal shape brow, I cater for all. Whether you favour straight, curved, soft arched or high arch, I can help you tame each and every hair so that you'll leave looking amazing. I offer waxing, tinting,microblading and powder brows to get you those perfect brows, whatever style you prefer. Drop in or book online today and look to the future with perfect brows.

You may be wanting a skin consultation to understand the basics of skin care, caring for your skin can directly affect your overall health.

Depending on your skin type, I offer Microneedling and dermaplaning, these treatments can have a postive effect on you and your skin. No matter what skin type you are, there will be one treatment that you will benefit from . To understand more of these treatments look at the services and then get in touch!